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Fractional Ownership With Ezra Levine from Collectable

Fractional Ownership With Ezra Levine from Collectable

Fractional ownership is something that’s pretty old in the card business in some regards. I’ve gone in halves on a card once or twice before, and I’m sure you have too.

However, fractional ownership these days is a way bigger deal going in a few dollars each with a few friends to buy some World Cup stickers from the local milk store.

Now, there are companies that offer a way to own a fraction of a high-end card. Great as a way for those to get in on the high-ticket cards but don’t have the bank-roll to do it - or, for a way to diversify some inventory.

I had a great chat with Ezra Levine, the CEO of collectable about the hobby, fractional ownership, and a bunch more.

Things We Discuss

  • What is fractional ownership?

  • How does it work with sports cards?

  • How Collectable are trying to to bring fractional ownership to the hobby

  • The future for Collectable, including expanding out from America to offering opportunities around the world.

Players Mentioned

Here are some players mentioned in the pod, with links to their cards on eBay

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