Panini Calcio 96, Hobby News and Mail Day


Another solo episode today. I wasn’t going to record this week - but I had an hour or so free - so here we are.

It’s a great opportunity to do an episode type I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really felt was the right time.

Oh well.

Today I start to look at underappeciated sets of decades past. We start with Panini Calcio 96 (affilaite link). The set comes from a time when Serie A was king - and was where some of the greatest players on the planet called home.

I chat a little about the set, the leage at the time, and open a pack from the set and discuss the players who featured.

You can Find Panini Calcio 96 Cards on eBay

Let me know what you think about this type of episode - it might be something I do more of.

Along with that, I go into some hobby news:

  • PSA and Goldin meeting up

  • CSG investments and what it means for us

I also look into a weird old mailday.

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