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Soccer Cards Rock is a newsletter dedicated to soccer cards and sticker. Perfect for investors new to the sport, or soccer fans who want to know more about the hobby.

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This newsletter will deep-dive into soccer cards, prospecting, looking at veterans and legends.

“Wait… Who The Hell Are You?”

Good question. I’m Vince.

I’d like to say I usually don’t have that dumb grin on my face but I definitely do.

I’ve been a lifelong soccer fan, player, and coach. The game has been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I’m also a huge sports nerd (well, probably a nerd in general if we’re being specific). I love stats, analytics, and started my first card collection when I was about five… Boy, do I wish I had them now.

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I combine my knowledge of the sport, with deep-dives into analytics to find the best prospects for soccer card collectors and investors. Not to mention a look at all of the legends of the game and the history behind them.

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